Monday, August 16, 2010

Why It Sucks To Be A Star Wars Fan...Sometimes

So news just broke that George Lucas will be releasing the Star Wars films on Blu-Ray. 'Bout damn time. Also he noted that they would be the Special Edition versions and not the orignial theatrical versions that we all grew up with. Why wont he just remaster the theatrical version for us? It's too expensive, he says.

Yeah, I'm sure it's too expensive George. Maybe if you werent investing so much time and money bastardizing your own creation then it wouldnt be so bad. Also, there is no way in hell it is too expensive. Look at Blade Runner. Ridley Scott gave us 5 versions of 1 film that looked absolutely beautiful. Sure on the workprint version there were some specks and other signs of aging. But it was still sweet to see. And you want to know the funny part? Nobody prefers the workprint version of Blade Runner. Millions and millions of fans (I'd go as far as to say everyone) prefers the original theatrical version of Star Wars. I mean why in the hell does Greedo need to shoot first--other than to make Han less of a bad ass? I will never, in a million years, understand why that change was even thought up, let alone made.

So George, let's face it. Youd be nowhere if it weren't for us. When I was three years old I watched my first Star Wars film and the rest is history. I know every line by heart. I bought the toys (just as Lucas wanted) I grew up with Star Wars on my mind, bringing along it's philosophy in the way I think and live. It becae a part of who I am. The same is said for millions and millions of people around the world. If it werent for us George, you wouldnt be anywhere near where you are today.

How about you give us what we want?